In the winter of 1970 a film fragment was discovered in a warehouse on the Hudson River in New York...

The film shows fleeting black and white images of what appears to be a small, blonde female with the head of a movie starlet and the body of an ape. This fragment has generated a great deal of controversy. Is it documentary footage, a hoax, or a piece of lost fiction? The ensuing years have produced much evidence in support of conflicting theories, as well as speculation about the nature and location of this creature. Many people believe that she is the love child of Fay Wray and King Kong, living invisibly among us, in solitude, and that she is an artist or a poet. Some believe she is a sign of The End or of The Beginning; perhaps even the second coming of a new Christ. Others say she is just a poor freak, a sad accident escaped from a Soviet laboratory…. Some say she doesn’t exist at all. A number of letters believed to have been written by this creature surfaced not long after the discovery of the footage. Those letters were signed “I, Daughter Of Kong.” Since the discovery of the letters, we at the center have referred to her by this name.

The I, Daughter Of Kong Center For Research was founded in Rio Vista, California in 1978. At IDOKCFR we are devoted to education and research pertaining to I, Daughter Of Kong. In addition to educating the public through traveling exhibits and lectures, we actively seek new evidence and information about I, Daughter Of Kong.

We encourage those with evidence—material, anecdotal, or other—to contact us and share your knowledge with IDOKCFR.


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